GPS ACGS v BGS – Australian Teams Chess at its best. “When two tigers fight – both will be hurt” – old jungle saying.

This is what chess is all about.

They will be talking about this match in 30 years time.

And some of the participants may also be still working together.

Who won the last weekender? No one cares.


This Thursday (1st September) mark the 2022 premiership decider between the two remaining undefeated teams which will be held at ACGS in the Centenary Library for all spectators who wish to come along. Grammar will look to redo their 2019 upset win over Churchie and continue their great season they have had so far. While Churchie will look to continue their run of a perfect season so far going 24/24 and secure back to back to back premierships a feat they haven’t achieved since 2002. This match will also the most successful school at chess in the GPS with both ACGS and BGS tied on 13 premierships each. With so much on the line this matchup will surely be tight and some of the best of schools chess Queensland has to offer and we encourage anyone wanting to go watch to do so.

Board ACGS v BGS
1 Sravan Renjith v Nadula Tennakoon
2 Jayden Ooi v Oscar Tan
3 Nicholas Bond v Sze Yong Ng
4 Dashiell Young v Nicolas Carter

Note: These team lists are based of the teams from round 7

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