Asian Seniors 2022 – Update from Tony Dowden

Second update: Just a couple more entries from NZL players.

Over 50
IM Gary Lane (AUS) 2328
IM P.D.S. Girinath (IND) 2311
FM Arlan Cabe (PHI) 2285
CM Tony Dowden (NZL) 2004
CM Joseph Ebenezer (IND) 1856
CM Benjamin Lim (NZL) 1854
Richard Zajkowski (NZL) 1777

Over 65
FM Efren Bagamasbad (PHI) 2014
Miles Patterson (AUS) 1895
David Lovejoy (AUS) 1712
Nigel Cooper (NZL) 1515
Barry Hooton (NZL) 1323

The NZ Seniors & Veterans Championships are on in Auckland next weekend, so maybe some of the entrants in those events will decide to play in the Asian Seniors as well.

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