175 people played Teams Chess in Brisbane yesterday – and not a rating prize within Cooee!

If we wish to keep suppressing the numbers of Adults playing OTB chess in Australia –

Keep burning money on rating prizes.

We have got the Adult Female number down to about 2 or 3 per state.

Now for the Men! At the moment we have about 30 to 40 adult males per state who still play regularly in weekender/championship events. The rest of the field is filled by Juniors who drop out at Year 12 because we change the format from Teams to Individual.

The more we spend on rating prizes, the less Adult players we have.

If you can find more Adults than I have mentioned above, please contact me and I will publish your findings from Standings files etc. Good luck with that! – Kerry Corker


Applications of Inversely Proportional

The concept of inversely proportional is widely used in day-to-day life and also in solving many problems in the field of science, statistics, etc. There are many formulas in physics that are derived using the concept of inverse proportionality. Ohm’s law, speed and time relation, the wavelength of sound, and its frequency are a few.

Important Notes on Inversely Proportional

The following points need to be remembered for inverse proportionality:

  • If one quantity increases, the other decreases.
  • x ∝ 1/y or y ∝ 1/x.
  • x × y = k, where k is called the constant of proportionality.
  • Sourced from https://www.cuemath.com/commercial-math/inversely-proportional/

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