Peninsula Open results

Congratulations to IM Stephen Solomon and IM Brodie McClymont on sharing first place with 5.5/6

A five way tie for 3rd in tie-break order … Kelvin Finke, Jayden Ooi, Ben Peach, John Nothdurft and Aiden Brady.

Winner Rating Group A was John Nothdurft. Please note that John can only win one prize; and so Kelvin, Jayden, Ben and Aiden will split the outright 3rd prize-money.

3 winners of Rating Group B were Calen Tang, Filip Simic and Suvan Nag.

Rating Group C was won outright by Neil Fu; as was Rating Group D by Kotaro Inukai.

Mike Liu and ChengYi Xia shared 1st in Rating Group E and the Best Unrated was Kyal Keyes.

Prize Winners! Please Text Mark C Stokes on 0431 419 136 or email with your EFT details.

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