GMR, IMR, FMR, CMR  (R = Rapid)*

Why not implement the exact same protocols for attaining Classical FIDE titles to Rapid Play titles?

We already have the FIDE Rapid Rating System.

As a starting point you simply begin with your current Classical FIDE Rating and play in rated FIDE Rapid events.

Everything from Bullet to 30 mins per side is rated with a sliding K factor.

There are between 40 and 60 thousand people playing speed chess at any time on Lichess 24 hours a day.

And then you have with 80 million accounts.

Maybe 10% of them will come back to OTB if they know they can attain a FIDE title without involving their Classical FIDE Rating.

People are VERY PROTECTIVE of their FIDE Classical Rating.

Most of the higher Classical FIDE Rated players simply do not play in Classical FIDE Rated events.

And so we lose their expertise to online.

Millions of people like playing speed chess.

Millions of people like the idea of having a FIDE title.

Millions of people will pay to play in FIDE rated events if it is all over in a day.

This may be a stretch. Maybe it is only a couple of hundred thousand.


FIDE manages slow chess worldwide. and Lichess have 70-80% of world market share in speed chess.

In which one would you buy shares?

Rapid wins massive market-share EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Why not be able to earn (and pay for) FIDE Rapid titles?


*None of this is to be confused with Arena FIDE titles.

Not sure what that is.

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