City v Country – Who would win?

Could be a few errors in this compilation. If you have been left out let me know.

Adding the FIDE ratings of the Adults – it looks like Country would win.

Playing our 2 City based GMs would of course change the balance.

Adding the QJ ratings of the Juniors – it looks like City would win.

The Country Girls are missing a few at Boards 9 and 10. Any clues?

I have included a few Juniors from above the SE corner and have designated GC as Country.

At the bottom is a cobbled together list of Qld. FIDE rated players.

I am sure I have left out a few. Please contact me if so.

The technology for playing these matches online has been around for about a decade now.

The requirements are –


Chess Server



Each year I will compose a list of possible teams and adjudicate the outcome.

Congratulations to those selected this year.

For 2022 it looks like a win to Country by the narrowest of margins.

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