Where to now for Queensland Chess?

The very successful GC Open 2022 organized by Gardiner Chess has let the genie out of the bottle.

All of a sudden, our rising stars are saying,

“How do I get to the next level?”

They’ve seen Australia’s best playing great chess and they want in.

The sad thing is they are not asking,

“How do I get to join the FIDE 2700 Club?”

This club, to which I have not received an invitation (I blame Australia Post), seems to be out of reach for Queensland’s elite players.


“We don’t have the talent”.

Rubbish – check out our young players.

“We don’t have the motivation”.

Rubbish – we have some real Meat-Eaters out there.

They just need the right environment to see their hard work turned into FIDE rating points.

“We don’t have the resources”.

Rubbish – we’ve got the money. We just gave $1,000 away as an U/1600 prize recently. In this cold weather it would have been more beneficial to set fire to 10 x $100 notes to keep warm.

We’ve got the business community behind us in the parents of our rising talents.

The one thing we lack in the way of resources is a battle plan.

Which is best to follow, Rugby Union, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Netball?

Don’t just stand there – pick a successful Australian Sport, copy their format and make adjustments.

Nothing personal – strictly business. – Kerry Corker

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