Scheveningen Match between the best of Brisbane and Redcliffe – FIDE Rated.

RCC v Brisbane All-Stars

FIDE Classical Rated

RCC will be holding a Scheveningen System FIDE Classical Rated event in 2023

Club members will play the top 6 FIDE rated people from Brisbane and surrounds in a match.

Round 1. Wed. April 19th 2023

Round 2. Wed. April 26th

Round 3. Wed. May 3rd

Round 4. Wed. May 10th

Round 5. Wed. May 17th

Round 6. Wed. May 24th

Contact Mark Stokes or Kerry Corker if you would like to play in this World Rated event.

Scheveningen system

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Final standings of Kings vs. Queens 2011, tournament under Scheveningen system.

The Scheveningen system is a method of organizing a chess match between two teams. Each player on one team plays each player on the other team (Just & Burg 2003:308). The team with the highest number of games won is the winner. This system is a popular way to create title norm opportunities (Karpov & Roshal 1980:22).

The system was first used in a tournament in Scheveningen, Netherlands in 1923. The idea behind it was that a team of ten Dutch players could face ten foreign masters.

This has the intention of giving the players on the team experience against strong competition (Hooper & Whyld 1992).

Standard Tables

Match on 2 Boards
Round 1 A1-B1 A2-B2
Round 2 B2-A1 B1-A2

Match on 3 Boards
Round 1 A1-B1 A2-B2 B3-A3
Round 2 B2-A1 A2-B3 B1-A3
Round 3 A1-B3 B1-A2 A3-B2

Match on 4 Boards
Round 1 A1-B1 A2-B2 B3-A3 B4-A4
Round 2 B2-A1 B1-A2 A3-B4 A4-B3
Round 3 A1-B3 A2-B4 B1-A3 B2-A4
Round 4 B4-A1 B3-A2 A3-B2 A4-B1

Match on 5 Boards
Round 1 A1-B1 A2-B2 A3-B3 B4-A4 B5-A5
Round 2 B2-A1 B3-A2 B4-A3 A4-B5 A5-B1
Round 3 A1-B3 A2-B4 B5-A3 B1-A4 A5-B2
Round 4 B4-A1 B5-A2 A3-B1 A4-B2 B3-A5
Round 5 A1-B5 B1-A2 B2-A3 A4-B3 A5-B4

Match on 6 Boards
Round 1 A1-B1 B2-A2 B3-A3 A4-B4 B5-A5 A6-B6
Round 2 B2-A1 A2-B3 A3-B5 B6-A4 A5-B4 B1-A6
Round 3 A1-B3 B5-A2 B1-A3 A4-B2 A5-B6 B4-A6
Round 4 B4-A1 B6-A2 A3-B2 A4-B1 B3-A5 A6-B5
Round 5 A1-B5 A2-B4 A3-B6 B3-A4 B1-A5 B2-A6
Round 6 B6-A1 A2-B1 B4-A3 B5-A4 A5-B2 A6-B3

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