Qld. U/8 Championships 2022 – 75 players!!

Congratulations to Zeqi Xing winning the tournament with a perfect score of 8/8!

He was closely followed by Yuwei Wang in 2nd (7/8), and a bunch of striving juniors tied on 6/8 =3rd (Terrence Li, Austin Chu, Chloe Wang, ChengYi Xia, David Huang, Ryo Noda, Bella Yu and Mason Lin.

Chloe Wang and Bella Yu finished =1st for best girl with Chloe taking the trophy on countback.

No Name                   Feder Rtg Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8  

1  Xing, Zeqi             B         1174 8     36:W 18:W 30:W  6:W  2:W  3:W  5:W  9:W
2  Wang, Yuwei            B         869  7     64:W 26:W 25:W 13:W  1:L 14:W  4:W  3:W
3  Li, Terrence           B         836  6     59:W 35:W 20:W  5:W  7:W  1:L  8:W  2:L
4  Chu, Austin            B         790  6     52:W 19:W  9:W  7:L 10:W 30:W  2:L 18:W
5  Wang, Chloe            B         962  6     32:W 39:W 15:W  3:L 25:W  6:W  1:L 14:W
6  Xia, ChengYi           B         784  6     69:W 38:W 10:W  1:L 23:W  5:L 22:W 19:W
7  Huang, David           B         888  6     50:W 57:W 14:W  4:W  3:L 15:W  9:L 24:W
8  Noda, Ryo              GC        957  6     41:W 22:L 36:W 11:W 20:W 13:W  3:L 15:W
9  Yu, Bojia (Bella)      B         669  6     60:W 34:W  4:L 48:W 16:W 31:W  7:W  1:L
10 Lin, Mason             B         628  6     65:W 63:W  6:L 21:W  4:L 34:W 28:W 13:W
11 Yang, Matthew          B         801  5.5   40:W 23:W 31:D  8:L 12:L 49:W 48:W 35:W
12 Xu, Mujia (Jacob)      B         500  5.5   67:W 31:L 27:D 66:W 11:W 25:W 13:L 29:W
13 Dudipalli, Hamsini     B         731  5     16:W 24:W 21:W  2:L 17:W  8:L 12:W 10:L
14 Ha, Oliver             B         702  5     70:W 17:W  7:L 26:W 28:W  2:L 52:W  5:L
15 Liu, William (2014)    B         713  5     42:W 54:W  5:L 35:W 32:W  7:L 17:W  8:L
16 Cheng, Ryan            B              5     13:L 51:W 19:W 22:W  9:L 18:L 38:W 26:W
17 Stanton, John          B         548  5     44:W 14:L 60:W 24:W 13:L 23:W 15:L 45:W
18 Chang, Colin           B         596  5     49:W  1:L 32:L 55:W 40:W 16:W 21:W  4:L
19 Xu, Martin             B         585  5     27:W  4:L 16:L 56:W 51:W 32:W 30:W  6:L
20 Chen, Marlon           B         651  5     55:W 43:W  3:L 34:W  8:L 21:L 53:W 36:W
21 Liu, Junzhe (alan)     B         500  5     58:W 74:W 13:L 10:L 36:W 20:W 18:L 30:W
22 Cong, Chris            B         593  5     75:W  8:W 57:L 16:L 43:W 33:W  6:L 32:W
23 Yang, Louis            GC        608  5     46:W 11:L 33:W 50:W  6:L 17:L 55:W 37:W
24 Sangyum, Paul          GC        658  5     51:W 13:L 44:W 17:L 41:W 54:W 37:W  7:L
25 Frost, Angus           B         668  5     56:W 33:W  2:L 54:W  5:L 12:L 51:W 52:W
26 Zheng, Ruoqing         B         558  5     28:W  2:L 55:W 14:L 53:W 52:W 50:W 16:L
27 Zhang, Shengkai (Kyle) B         556  5     19:L 59:W 12:D 49:D 33:L 61:W 58:W 42:W
28 Chu, Mika              B              4.5   26:L 64:W 43:W 39:W 14:L 35:W 10:L 31:D
29 Tew, Ollie             B              4.5   57:L 61:W 34:L 69:W 48:D 39:W 31:W 12:L
30 Zhu, Alex              B         717  4     45:W 48:W  1:L 31:W 38:W  4:L 19:L 21:L
31 Miao, William          B         586  4     73:W 12:W 11:D 30:L 49:W  9:L 29:L 28:D
32 Shrimall, Prish        B              4      5:L 72:W 18:W 57:W 15:L 19:L 49:W 22:L
33 Ng, Shao-Yue (Jayden)  B              4     61:W 25:L 23:L 45:W 27:W 22:L 35:L 56:W
34 Zhou, Darren           B         500  4     71:W  9:L 29:W 20:L 47:W 10:L 42:L 50:W
35 Kang, Armaan           B         559  4     53:W  3:L 69:W 15:L 50:W 28:L 33:W 11:L
36 Cai, Bayes (Yueyi)     B              4      1:L 65:W  8:L 70:W 21:L 56:W 54:W 20:L
37 Han, Max               B              4     48:L 45:W 49:L 73:W 39:W 38:W 24:L 23:L
38 Yan, Zhibin            B         577  4     62:W  6:L 52:W 40:W 30:L 37:L 16:L 48:W
39 Ai, Edison             B         578  4     72:W  5:L 58:W 28:L 37:L 29:L 61:W 55:W
40 Zhou, Aiden            B              4     11:L 46:W 74:W 38:L 18:L 42:L 69:W 54:W
41 Ryu, Isaac             B              4      8:L 49:L 59:W 60:W 24:L 64:W 45:L 53:W
42 Grech, Clarke          B              4     15:L 53:L 71:W 52:L 63:W 40:W 34:W 27:L
43 Boys, Emilia           B              4     68:W 20:L 28:L 62:W 22:L 50:L 71:W 58:W
44 Zhang, Arielle         B         500  4     17:L 56:W 24:L 58:L 59:W 53:L 64:W 51:W
45 Hsu, Julian            GC             4     30:L 37:L 72:W 33:L 75:W 67:W 41:W 17:L
46 Costa, Kinoli          B              4     23:L 40:L 65:W 53:L 56:L 70:W 63:W 57:W
47 Sun, Daniel            B              4     54:L 70:W 48:L 63:W 34:L 51:L 60:W 66:W
48 Deng-Xia, Brandon      B         517  3.5   37:W 30:L 47:W  9:L 29:D 66:W 11:L 38:L
49 Hou, Junzhi (Brian)    B              3.5   18:L 41:W 37:W 27:D 31:L 11:L 32:L 67:W
50 Sun, Clyde             B              3      7:L  0:W 53:W 23:L 35:L 43:W 26:L 34:L
51 Jou, Marco             B              3     24:L 16:L 64:W 61:W 19:L 47:W 25:L 44:L
52 Fang, Mason            B              3      4:L 75:W 38:L 42:W 57:W 26:L 14:L 25:L
53 Methmi, Dewage         T              3     35:L 42:W 50:L 46:W 26:L 44:W 20:L 41:L
54 Sun, Jackson           GC        555  3     47:W 15:L 63:W 25:L 58:W 24:L 36:L 40:L
55 Wang, Alexander        B              3     20:L 68:W 26:L 18:L 69:W 57:W 23:L 39:L
56 Pai, Ashni             T              3     25:L 44:L 75:W 19:L 46:W 36:L 59:W 33:L
57 Lapthorne, Jacob       T         624  3     29:W  7:L 22:W 32:L 52:L 55:L 66:W 46:L
58 Costa, Tusanda         B              3     21:L 66:W 39:L 44:W 54:L 60:W 27:L 43:L
59 Lin, Summer            B              3      3:L 27:L 41:L 68:W 44:L 74:W 56:L 69:W
60 Chang, Jarvis          B              3      9:L 71:W 17:L 41:L 72:W 58:L 47:L 74:W
61 Wang, Iris             B              3     33:L 29:L 68:W 51:L 70:W 27:L 39:L 71:W
62 Chen, Isaac            B              3     38:L 69:L 67:W 43:L 64:L 71:L 65:W 72:W
63 Wagner, Zade           B              2.5    0:W 10:L 54:L 47:L 42:L 73:W 46:L 64:D
64 Djapovic, Luka         B              2.5    2:L 28:L 51:L 71:W 62:W 41:L 44:L 63:D
65 Lo, Alanna             B              2.5   10:L 36:L 46:L 72:L 68:D  0:W 62:L 70:W
66 Justus, Alicia         B              2.5   74:D 58:L 73:W 12:L 67:W 48:L 57:L 47:L
67 Khaw, Benjamin         B              2.5   12:L 73:D 62:L 74:W 66:L 45:L 68:W 49:L
68 Wang, Leo              B              2.5   43:L 55:L 61:L 59:L 65:D 72:W 67:L 75:W
69 Hu, Annie              B              2      6:L 62:W 35:L 29:L 55:L 75:W 40:L 59:L
70 Tam, Enzo              B              2     14:L 47:L  0:W 36:L 61:L 46:L 73:W 65:L
71 Zhang, Yun             B              2     34:L 60:L 42:L 64:L  0:W 62:W 43:L 61:L
72 Youn, Channy           B              2     39:L 32:L 45:L 65:W 60:L 68:L  0:W 62:L
73 Haupt Ii, Thomas (TJ)  GC             2     31:L 67:D 66:L 37:L 74:D 63:L 70:L  0:W
74 Zhang, Arthur          B              2     66:D 21:L 40:L 67:L 73:D 59:L 75:W 60:L
75 Malcolm, Wyatt         B              1     22:L 52:L 56:L  0:W 45:L 69:L 74:L 68:L

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