Melbourne Chess Club leading the way with Olympiad Teams Funding

Melbourne Chess Club Allegro Championships 2022 – 2/7/22

All profits going to the Australian Chess Olympiad Appeal.

Many moons ago, on ChessChat I proposed that Australian Chess could dispense with begging every two years for funding for our teams.

I suggested that if 25 clubs Australia wide got 25 people to pay $25 per year to play in their Club Allegro Championships, all our funding problems would be solved.

25 clubs x 25 players x $25 = $15,625 per annum.


20 clubs x (30 adults x $25) + (30 Juniors x $10) = $21,000 per annum.

That would be $42,000 per two-year cycle for our Olympiad Teams.

You will notice that this is a business approach to the problem, not a begging solution.

We live in the luckiest country on the planet – we shouldn’t have to beg to send our National Teams to represent their country.

And they shouldn’t have to pay their own way and lose work time.

Next Wednesday night at RCC I will suggest that we also have a yearly RCC Allegro Championships  with all profits going to the Olympiad Appeal.


Now that the funding ball is rolling, we have the very difficult tasks of –

  1. Naming our teams –

Team Shaw or Purdy for the Open Olympiad Team and

Team Arianne for the Female Olympiad Team are just suggestions.

What are your thoughts?

Team sponsors need market bite, and they don’t get it with what we have currently.

What is the name of the NZ Rugby team? Hard question!!

What is the name of the Qld. State of Origin Team? Hard question!!

Please give them a name so our kids can aspire to the teams.


2. Having full time Team Trainers at least in Olympiad year.

3. Organizing “Friendly Matches” leading up to the Olympiad.

4.Having similar State Teams who feed into the National Teams


These tasks have proved impossible for the Australian chess community to achieve so far.

We may have to get overseas advisors to help us.

Maybe we can get some experts in “problem solving” games to help us solve these problems.

People from “Go”, “Wordle”, “Backgammon”, maybe they can help.


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