Fund raising for Australia’s Olympiad Teams.

Following the giant step forward made by Melbourne Chess Club, I am hoping to get Qld. Clubs to organize

Club Allegro Championships each year with all profits going to our Teams’ expenses.

  1. MCC – confirmed

RCC – we are formulating our 2023 calendar tomorrow night and I hope to have this added as a yearly event.

GCC Club – This is probably the most innovative club in Australia so I hope they will come on board.

Brisbane Chess Club – Hopefully Patrick and his team will be a yes.

25 clubs x $25 x 25 players per year is $15,625 per annum.


Performance Bonuses.

12 Rounds x 8 points per round (4 Open + 4 Female) = 96 points to be won over the whole event.

Can I put you down for $1 per point? Can I get 500 Australian chess players/businesses to sign up?

Remember this from school when you would get someone to sponsor you in the Cross-Country or similar event.

That is one of the ways the Miami High Great Hall was built back in 1971.  I should know, I was there!

Nothing personal – its strictly business. – Kerry Corker

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