2022 News from CAQ Inc. – Still waiting to hear from ACF Inc. this year.

Agenda for the Chess Association of Queensland Incorporated Council Meeting, 19th June, 2022


  1. Formal Matters
  2. Attendance;
  3. Apologies;
  4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of 13th April, 2022;
  5. General Business
  6. Position of Secretary;
  7. 2022 Queensland Championships;
  8. CAQ donation to the Olympiad Appeal;
  9. Hosting the Schools National Finals – Cairns 2022;
  10. Queensland JETS Part 2 – 2022
  11. Training for DGT Boards;
  12. Access to, and use of, the CAQ Membership Lists;
  13. Publicity of CAQ Events;
  14. Arbiters at CAQ Events – Adoption of FIDE Arbiters Manual Article 12 for the role of the Arbiter;


  1. Withdrawals from tournaments in progress – Policies and consequences;


  1. Australian Chess Federation Ratings;


  1. Affiliation of King & Queen Junior Club;
  2. CAQ Fees for Rapid and Blitz tournaments;
  3. Website Update;
  4. New Constitution Update;
  5. Appointment of CAQ Members to the Olympiad Squad and ACF Official Party.



  1. Correspondence
  2. Outstanding response to Toowoomba Chess Club re designation of Toowoomba Juniors as
  3. Email from Tony Powell re Sunshine Coast Juniors being Metropolitan;
  4. Email from Geoff Butler re advertising Fernvale event;
  5. Email from Deyanne Koch re possible venues and Council Assistance for Chess;
  6. Matters without Notice


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