Why not a “One Day Rapid Gran Prix” for SE Qld.?

Three or Four clubs host a one day event over two months.

The Chess World has already moved to faster chess – we may as well catch up!

How about:

4 players per team with a rating ceiling. Three or Four of the following clubs.

Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane  – Toowoomba – Redcliffe – Townsville

Byron and Townsville can play via Lichess and the rest play OTB as usual, in a nice venue.

Nothing changes – except for the 8 laptops bringing in extra teams that would not drive – but will play online.

All that is required is 8 laptops on site of the OTB event. Bring your own laptop. One modem should cover all 8.

You use the same username all day.

Clontarf school kids are already using this method to play schools all over the place.

Byron and Townsville can play from a local coffee shop in a shopping centre, thus getting a bit of local media coverage.

The OTB players might have to play one or two rounds max. on the onsite laptops.

A very inclusive way to enjoy a day’s chess.


So the Byron Bay team could drive to Townsville as in the old days with the ensuing costs – or,

Meet up at a local coffee shop and play teams from all over SE Qld. and/or Townsville for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee and entry fee.

What do you think?

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