Suggested rematch RCC v GCCC Inc. at Arianne Caoili Memorial on 16th July.

The rematch has not been confirmed – it is still only an idea.

Expressions of interest are being collected for a Team trip to the Gold Coast for the above Big One-Day Event.

Please let me know if you may be available to play for your club. Send no money now!

We have  3 replies already Рincluding myself!


Board 1. Aiden Brady 1866

Board 2. Nate Young 1805

Board 3. Tony Weller 1671

Board 4. Mark C Stokes 1616

Board 5. Allan Fossey 1603 – Should be available for the rematch


Board 1 U/18 Eowyn Mercado 1241

Board 1 U/16 ?

Board 1 U/14 Kingston Wang 1271

Board 1 U/12 Elizabeth Williams 1112 – Should be available for the rematch

Board 1 U/10 Lachlan Wang 1462

Reserve – Kerry Corker 2040 – Will be available for the rematch.

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