RCC v GCCC Inc. OTB Rematch – Aiden Brady, FIDE 1866, is back on Board One for RCC.

The rematch has not been confirmed – it is still only an idea.

Expressions of interest are being collected for a Team trip to the Gold Coast for the

Arianne Caoili Rapid One Day event on 16th July GC. OTB

Please let me know if you may be available to play for your club. Send no money now!

We have  4 replies already Рincluding myself!


RCC is after a Board One U/16 player for the forthcoming proposed rematch against our old foe – GCCC Inc.

Contact Club President Mark C Stokes or myself if you are interested.

You will have to become a club member and have a small transfer fee.

We were thinking a box of chocolates, maybe. There could be a few missing!


Board 1. Aiden Brady 1866 Should be available for the rematch. Is playing in Arianne Caoili Rapid.

Board 2. Nate Young 1805

Board 3. Tony Weller 1671

Board 4. Mark C Stokes 1616

Board 5. Allan Fossey 1603 – Should be available for the rematch


Board 1 U/18 Eowyn Mercado 1241

Board 1 U/16 ?

Board 1 U/14 Kingston Wang 1271

Board 1 U/12 Elizabeth Williams 1112 – Should be available for the rematch

Board 1 U/10 Lachlan Wang 1462

Reserve – Kerry Corker 2040 – Will be available for the rematch.

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