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David Cilia-Vincenti wins South Island Champs

Winged Spider

CM Cilia-Vincenti scored 4.5/6 to head off FM Stephen Lukey, Nick Cummings and Briene Membrere who shared second on 4/6. David used to live in Christchurch but is now a Wellingtonian, and Briene lives in Hawkes Bay, so the joint South Island Champions are Stephen and Nick Cummings. Stephen has won the title many times, but this is Nick’s first title. Full results on Vega here.

The Winged Spider picture is probably confusing, but it’s there to celebrate a new web content management tool that’s been put together for the NZCF website that makes creating online chess bulletins especially easy. So much so there is already an express report on the South Island Champs available in a new bulletin.

(PS I grafted two extra legs onto an insect, sadly there’s no such thing as an actual winged spider.)

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