Chess in the outside World – Big Big Money and Big Teams events.

Want a Chess Forum that actually talks about Chess?

You will have to go overseas.

Want to follow a Chess Teams event that is bigger than Ben Hur?

You will have to go overseas.


Want to keep having weekenders where you might play a hard opponent in the last round if you are lucky?

Keep doing what we are doing.


Check out Division 3 South of 4NCL or check out the Bundeliga – Open and Female

English Chess Forum

Division 3 South 2021-22

How many divisions are there? All Teams Chess.

Round 1 Pairings

1 Crowthorne A V SchachAttack
2 CSC 1 V Surbiton
3 Sussex Martlets 3 V Wessex Some Stars A
4 Iceni V Watford A
5 CSC 3 V MK Phoenix 1
6 Sussex Martlets 2 V MK Phoenix 2
7 Wessex Some Stars C V Celtic Tigers 2
8 Cambridge University 2 V Barnet Knights C
9 Hackney Returns V Poisoned Pawns
10 Poole V Celtic Tigers 3
11 Crowthorne B V CSC 2
12 Weesex Some Stars B V Cambridge University Y
13 Watford B V Barnet Knights B
14 Iceni 2 V Barnet Knights D
15 Cambridge University 3 V War and Piece A
16 War and Piece A V Iceni 3
17 Iceni 3 V Cambridge University 3

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