Best Game and Best Sacrifice Prizes go to Aiden Brady and Allan Fossey.

We only received 2 entries for the above prizes.

Both contained sacrifices and both were good local games played at Rapid pace.

$100 each to Aiden and Brady. Allan has already been paid and I will contact Aiden today.

Hopefully the return match will go ahead in July at the Arianne Caoili Memorial Rapid GC.

If the rematch goes ahead it will be OTB with the RCC v GCCC Inc. game played in between the Rapid rounds.

What has this match achieved?

We now have two chess clubs in Queensland with a player roster – RCC and GCCC Inc.

We now have a number one club in Queensland who will reign until their next match – the rematch with GCCC Inc.

We now have Adults and Juniors who actually play for a club – just like your AFL or Netball heroes.

We now have an event that has 62.5% adult participation against 37.5% Junior.

I know, at the moment the sample is small – but it will grow.

We now have the RCC top 3 boards and top Junior on $30 per win. I know it is not much but how much does your club pay its top players? It will only get bigger once small businesses want to become involved in Teams Chess.

We now have a bunch of other Qld. clubs who have something more to whinge about.

How about a third club emerges to challenge these upstarts who dare lay claim to the “Wooden Throne”?


What about Toowoomba – surely you can come up with 10 players.

You don’t have to drive all the way down the range.

Later in the year at the Leo Wilkinson Memorial in Rothwell, why don’t we have a 3 way challenge?

RCC v GCCC Inc. v Toowoomba.

Some of Toowoomba’s player roster may already be in situ for the Leo Wilkinson Memorial.

Some of their team may not want to travel from Toowoomba to Rothwell – they can play online.

All we have to do at the Rothwell end is have our Team Roster bring their own laptop and they play online against the Toowoomba players who choose not to travel.


Teams Chess – check it out online and OTB in Europe. IT IS MASSIVE.

How about less grumbling and more Player Rosters for RCC to defeat?


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