Australia’s Premier One Day Event – The Arianne Caoili Memorial FIDE Rapid

Over 140 players in 2021

$1,000 1st prize – Titled players – try earning that in one day driving a cab!

$800 in Female prizes – $500 1st Female prize.

Australia’s population is about 51% female and yet we have about 10 -15% female participation rate.

From a business POV alone, that is a massive chunk of client base simply missing.

Time to actually do something Reg!

Where would we be without Life of Brian for putting things into perspective?

Australian Chess has somehow managed to get us down to about one or two adult female chess players per state who regularly participate in Championships or weekenders. Don’t ask me how that happened!

Here is our chance to get more female players on the road to Chess Stardom – either on the Net or playing for overseas teams. Somehow we have also managed to forget to have a National Teams event. Don’t ask me how that happened!

Only about 10 to 15 different National Teams Competitions overseas. Some of these events have females with FIDE ratings of 1700 – 2200 competing. Well within our range. We can enter a team via Zoom! Why not?

Many prizes for school players as well.

16th July Saturday 2022 – entry form soon. There may be discounts for RCC members – not sure.

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