Miami High School beats Clontarf High by 8-1!!

Well done to Matt Smith and his players from Miami High.

CBH was outplayed on most boards and we look forward to a rematch next term.

The match actually ran like clockwork. Thank you to Miami High for being so punctual.

The 2nd lunch bell went at 12.50pm and Boards 1-5 were all playing by 12.53pm.

As soon as a game finished, Board 6 sat down and played etc.

CBH had 5 designated desktops and Miami had individual laptops. We gave them our usernames and they sought a game with each of our numbered board players. No names were used to adhere to Privacy Provisions.

It was, of course, a Fixed Roster match with best players on Board 1 etc.

Total cost?

Zero dollars and 20 minutes of time.

Well done to Miami High – We will be stronger next time.



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