Message from RCC President, Mark C Stokes re Match v GCCC Inc.

Hi All
Our Online Match with Gold Coast Chess Club is fast approaching – It is on next Thursday night April 7 at 7pm.
Please contact your opponent well before the match to check you know how to connect to each other online on either OR LiChess.
If you do not know how to contact your opponent, email Kerry Corker or Matt Smith for help!
The Redcliffe Chess Club Website has the match details including your opponent’s name: Just google Redcliffe Chess Club to get into the Redcliffe Chess Club Website ! You will play 2 games against the same opponent at 15 minutes each plus 10 seconds a move. You then email the results of your match to Kerry Corker.
You could even win $100 for a best played game or $100 best sacrifice!
If you think you have such a game, send the scoresheet photo or game by email to Kerry! pgn if possible.
Here are the match ups: See the Redcliffe Chess Club Website for more details.
Aiden Brady v Tam Nguyen Thanh
Nate Young v Hadarra Marwan
Tony Weller v Byron Morris
Mark C Stokes v Daniel Ford
Allan Fossey v Marek Breeden
Eowyn Mercado v Jared Consiglio-Cockle
Lachlan Wang v Kotaro Inukai
Kingston Wang v Micah Young
Elizabeth Williams v Luka Hart
I am going to have a fun practice game with my opponent Daniel Ford this week to make sure we will be right to play the real online match on Thursday April 7.
Cheers Mark C Stokes     0431 419 136     3205 6042

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