Latest on Redcliffe Chess Club v Gold Coast Chess Club Inc. $100 Best Game – $100 Best Sacrifice!

By now you should have been in contact with your opponent to establish connectivity.

Are you both agreed on Lichess or

15 mins. plus 10 secs. increment. Two games, one white one black. Start at 7pm 7th April Thursday night.

When you have finished both games, send me the result to

Do you know how to download your games from Lichess or

Go to your profile and follow the instructions.

You can send me your games for publication on RCC. – You don’t have to.

I have a wardrobe full of scoresheets that I don’t want anyone to see!

You can send me your games simply for publication or you can also nominate your game for one of the above prizes.

Nominations will be published on RCC and a general consensus will determine the winners of the 2 x $100 prizes.


This match is not for sheep stations.

However it will be a starting point for clubs wishing to play friendly/serious matches in the future.

With petrol prices heading towards $3 a litre, I don’t think RCC wants to be hopping in a convoy of cars¬† and heading up to Townsville to play a match. Even if we fly that would still be a 1 to 2 day round trip costing several thousand dollars. Regional flying is very expensive.

This match helps to destroy the tyranny of distance in Australian Chess.

Australian School Teams Championships is already using a similar format. With Fixed Roster of course. The costings of the old way, (flying), were somewhere in the vicinity of $80,000 to $100,000 for a weekend’s chess and bar-b-cue. Now I am guessing the whole Championships are conducted for less than $5,000 with minimal travel time.

Do I expect this match to revolutionize Australian club chess? If it were any other sport I would say yes.

Ask Russell Mowles the change in Australian Touch Footy when they went from bare feet to shoes. Massive.

Australian OTB chess is a different proposition however. We are very sceptical of change. We are still grumbling about pawns being allowed to move two squares on their first move. We like the old ways better.

So this match is really a sample of what is possible in a rapidly changing world. Ukraine is just the start.

What Australian Chess Clubs do with this match – is your business.


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