Australian Hybrid Chess League – a work in progress

Australia could enter an all Female team in this German Teams competition.

We have one or two active adult female players per state.

So why not have one player per state in the team. Each state could sponsor their own player.

All played OTB at a hub participating online of course.

May be an image of 3 people and indoor

Bremer scene from the ongoing second round of the Hybrid League. On the left: Jonathan Carlstedt, actually coach of the club, who is the Werder top board today. On the right: Ukrainian flags🇺🇦🇺🇦
👇League page with link to live broadcast👇

You have to copy and paste this link. It is really worth looking at. Europe is showing us not only the future of chess, but what is available now.

Sick of waiting in line at Customs? Sick of having your luggage sent to Hawaii, except if you are going to Hawaii!

Sick of 40 hour trips to places you cannot pronounce without your false teeth falling out?

Sick of waiting all weekend for the last round so you can play someone above 1900?

Well you might just like to have a peek into the present of OTB – OS.


Sourced from Facebook and DSB






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