Redcliffe CC v GCCC Match – Thursday night 7pm April 7th – from home! $100 Best Game $100 Best Sacrifice

This is the team as of 26/01/22. The Juniors will not change unless we find an U/18.

The Seniors may be subject to change.

April 7th -Thursday night 7pm from home.

15 mins. with 10 sec. increment. One Black and One White game.

Lichess Fixed Roster Teams.

Obviously, if GCCC fielded a full-strength team, they would win.

This is the strongest team we can muster so hopefully GCCC will match us with players of a similar rating.

To show the flexibility of Fixed Roster Online Teams, Tony Weller will play via

If this match works, we can play anyone in our time zone. Tokyo, Vladivostok, Singapore, Manilla –

All in your jammies!

All ratings are FIDE Classic

Bd 1. Nate Young 1805 Lichess

Bd 2. Tony Weller 1671

Bd 3. Mark C Stokes 1616 Lichess

Bd 4. Allan Fossey 1603 Lichess


Jun.1 Filip Simic 1484 U/16 Lichess

Jun.2 Kingston Wang 1271 U/14 Lichess

Jun.3 Elizabeth Williams 1112 U/12 (not confirmed yet)

Jun.4 Lachlan Wang 1462 U/10 Lichess

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