Australian Cities Teams Championships 2023 ————– Lichess Fixed Roster

“State of Origin 1995

The Bottom Line

Queensland Juniors are wanting to represent their state in a Team’s Chess Competition. Currently they cannot do this because there is no competition.
If your state does not want to play in a competition organized by the QJCL Inc., please, please organize it yourselves.
We will play in any Australia wide Junior STD competition under almost any conditions organized by any state or federal body.
We simply want to play chess.”


This verbatim “Cri de Coeur” pops out of the pages of the QJCL Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 4 May 15th 1994.
The above statement is 27 years old. And Australian Juniors are still waiting.

The QJCL Inc. no longer exists but the need for such a competition is greater than ever with the travel limitations imposed by Covid.
Literally hundreds of thousands of organized games, maybe millions, are played everyday online around the world.
There must be a couple of states left with the ability to organize such an event online.

Australian clubs no longer have the Team Roster necessary to put together a good team for a State or National Team’s Competition.
Maybe one per state, at best.

Why not have an Australian Cities Teams Championship using the Lichess Fixed Roster format – Open and Junior?
Each city could then draw on the playing strength of the entire state to fill their teams and retain bragging rights for their city.

Brisbane v Sydney?
Sydney v Melbourne?
Sydney v Perth
Hobart v ACT
Adelaide v

10 Open with 2 female.
10 Junior with 3 female.

Degree of difficulty? –
1.You are given your opponent’s username on Lichess.
2.Log on and seek opponent’s username at an agreed day and time.
3.Play game/s against opponent.
3.Report result to Fat Controller
4.Publish results.

Fast time control – 15 minutes each with/without increment. Played from a hub or from home.
99.9% of the world’s organized chess is now 5 minutes or less.
That’s just a cold hard fact – and that’s where ALL the money is.

We have the time to run endless weekenders – So why not do this for our Juniors once a year?

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