Two (2) more Qld. Chess Clubs close. Gladstone and Southside Juniors.

With Qld. ADULT participation in statewide events now down to
somewhere between 60 and 120 players, something has to change.

We cannot afford to lose any more clubs or players to online chess.

There are no national figures on national membership.

I am going to go high in my estimation of Australian Adult participation, (3 or 4 events per year)
in several weekend/championship events per year.

Qld. – 200
NSW – 180
ACT – 40
Vic. – 180
Tas. – 50
SA – – 100
WA – 120
NT – 0?

Total = 870 – more like 4-500, but we will stick with the really big figure of 870!

That is why we have to get behind TEAMS CHESS AUSTRALIA. Just like the big sports.

RCC is going to field our strongest possible team against GCCC on April 7th.

From info. I have gathered on the very good CAQ website, it appears that GCCC could,
with a bit of notice field a team of 10 in the following 3 fields:

Open – Boards 1-10
Female – Boards 1-10
Junior – Boards 1-10
Plus Reserves

That is a Playing Roster of 30, with a few Reserves! This is the benchmark to which we have to aspire.
We are going to need more players – especially Female and strong Top End players.

Another iniative by the GCCC is their forthcoming Alumni Teams event planned for later in the year.
Players will come out of the corn fields to play for their old school teams and replay chess battles of old.
This is an overseas idea with emphasis on the social aspects of the game.

Meeting up with old buddies,
checking up on work opportunities and
perhaps rekindling of old flames with
supper afterwards.


So who is the biggest and strongest Chess Club in Qld.?

Of course the answer is Redcliffe Chess Club.

How many Clubs can field a Playing Roster of 30 on a regular basis?
And I don’t mean have a quick phone around on the day before. Maybe the English Cricket team do it that way.

Only one at the moment, (GCCC) and they have a very strong top end to boot.

Let’s not only beat them, but let’s use their game plan as well – surely the ultimate defeat!

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