RCC v GCCC – It is on! Thurs. night April 7 2022.

We now know the date. April 7 2022. Finer details are yet to be worked out by club managements.
I do know that we need to get our Player Roster worked out!
Who are our top Juniors? Who are our top Females? Do we have any Female players?

What if they field a full strength team with:
IM Alexander Wohl
IM Peter Froehlich
FM Dusan Stoic (he may be the in form player of the whole team at the moment)
WIM Alexandra Jule – former New Zealand Champion – not Female, but Open Champion! and she would be on Board 4!

It is pretty obvious to me that the winner of this match can easily call themselves the strongest club in Qld.
No excuses. Fixed Roster – not merry go round arena.
Probably one white and one black against your opposite Board.
We are going to have to get organized in a hurry.

Email me if you are available for this match at –
Go to the Rating Section of our website to see where you fit in.

Batten down the hatches and hit the books. This is our one shot at the title.

Team Coordinator – Kerry Corker

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