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Hi All

You are invited to play for Redcliffe Chess Club Online on Saturday night from 8pm-10pm.

First join the Redcliffe team on lichess:

Then, at any stage before it starts, register for the arena battle:

If you have trouble joining in, text Tom Maguire on 0466 271 737
Bullwinkle’s Christmas Team Battle #XehlqJjV •
6 players compete in the Dec 18, 2021 Bullwinkle’s Christmas Team Battle. 7+5 rated games are played during 120 minutes. Winner is not yet decided.
Good luck if you are playing in the XMAS SWISS in Crowley St, Woolloongabba this weekend too. Get full entry details off the CAQ Website under Coming Events:
Chess Association of Queensland – CAQ is the chess body for Queensland, Australia.
The Churchie Chess Festival 2021 features 3 events – under 20 Blitz – on Friday the 10th December under 20 Swiss – starts Monday the 13th December under 20 Rapid Continue Reading →
See you Wednesday night for the Redcliffe Chess Club AGM , FREE PIZZA NIGHT and R6 of the Redcliffe Chess Club Championship.

AGM : 7:45pm President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Discussion of 2022 Club Starting Time- Option A – As is, open doors 7:30pm, Tournament Games start 8:05pm, Option B – Open doors 7pm, Tournament Games start 7:35pm, Option C – Open doors 6:30pm, Tournament Games start at 7:05pm

AGM Election of 2022 Committee: Nominations received below:

PRESIDENT : Mark C Stokes Has a Blue Card

TREASURER: Tony Weller Has a Blue Card

SECRETARY: Max Kershaw Has a Blue Card

WEB PAGE: Tyson Walker Has a Blue Card

AGM MOTION: That the City of Redcliffe Chess Club become an incorporated body.

The new CAQ Constitution will require Chess Clubs with more than 20 members to be an incorporated body to remain affiliated with the CAQ.

R6, the final round of the 2021 Redcliffe Chess Club Championship, should start around 8:15pm.

The Redcliffe Chess Club will close for the Christmas break after R6 and re-open on Wednesday night, January 19, with R1 of the Summer Swiss.

Cheers Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 3205 6042

Redcliffe Chess Club team
For all members of RCC to play online.

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