More results from the Wendy Terry Memorial

Congratulations to the joint winners of the 82 player 2021 Wendy Terry Memorial, GM Daniel Fernandez and IM Stephen Solomon, who both scored 5.5 but unfortunately did not play each other. Daniel drew with Yi Liu in round 5 and Stephen drew with Byron Morris in R3. Sharing equal 3rd on a very creditable 5 points each were Aiden Brady, Jayden Ooi and Micah Young! Gail Young kindly increased the advertised 3 rating groups to 5 rating groups due to the large turn out. Group A was won by Micah Young on 5 points, Group B was won by Michael McGee on 4 points, Group C was won by Owen Shen on 4 points, Group D was shared by Elaina Qiang and Mathew Smith on 3 points, Group E was won by Kontaro Inukai on 4 points (Wow!) and the unrated prize was won by Taylor Reilly on 3.5 points. All prizewinners are reminded to text or email Gail Young your bank account details. A big thank-you to Chief Arbiter David Esmonde and Assistant Arbiter Max Kershaw on jobs really well done, Gail Young from the QWCL for organizing yet another very well attended Wendy Terry Memorial and David Esmonde again for also transmitting the top 6 boards virtually live all weekend long and updating everyone with all the pairings and progress results on the Redcliffe Chess Club Website. See the live games link above if you wish to replay some very hard fought games from this event.
Mark Stokes

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