Peninsula Open update – sponsored by BBC Painting

Lots of players have already entered the 56th Peninsula Open at Rothwell on Saturday May 29 and Sunday May 30 and it is going to be a most competitive event with great prizemoney for players of all strengths! Entrants so far include Brodie McClymont, Gene Nakauchi, Sravan Renjith, Tony Dowden, Charith Silva, Aiden Brady, Sam Grigg, Jayden Ooi, David Lovejoy, Kelvin Finke, John Nothdurft, Tony Weller, Benjamin Leong, Joel Leong, Craig Stewart – all these players up to and including Craig Stewart are above 1500 ACF- Kiamehr Baneshi, Micah Young, Mark C Stokes, Jai Turner, Don Hamilton, Lachlan Wang, Andrew Webster, Jonathan Jones, Ian Li, Max Phillips, Suvan Nag, Calen Tang, Luka Hart, Dario Tsai, Elizabeth Williams, Brian La, Thomas Worrall, Izaak Chen, Owen Shen, Jethro Chen, Mathew Smith, Joseph Chen, Scott Hoens, Ethan Chen, Harrison Qu, Jayden Lam, Christian Barkley, Henry Bissett, Andrew Garside, Vassilis Kontogiorgos, Avaneesh Pai, Callan Paul, Brad Sachse and Bryan Yang. It’s time for you to enter too – get full details above or print your own flyer off the CAQ Website under Coming Events:

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