Noosa is on Board! – Qld. Teams Champs. 2022 proposal.

I meant what I said about underwriting the event – subject to agreement on details.
Every idea in the proposal is borrowed from mainstream successful sports.

The biggest hurdle is change. And it is time.

Already a new idea mentioned below, “A specific category for Seniors”
Why not? Throw it into the mix of ideas and let’s get going!

Hi Kerry,

I am all for the idea!

It would great to see a Club Championship in such a format. We’d certainly look at putting a team in.
A specific category for Seniors but help to entice strong older players back to chess would be great and we’d fully support it.
I also like the idea of each team being able to bring in a titled player.

Kind regards,

Peter Cam
Noosa Shire Chess Club Inc.

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