2021 Gold Cup FIDE OPEN at Rothwell

Over 40 entries have already been received for the 2021 Gold Cup FIDE OPEN at Rothwell Queensland from Friday night April 30 to Monday afternoon/night on May 3. With a maximum of 100 entries, it is already nearly half full! Enter soon to ensure your place in this 7 round tournament with 90 minutes each plus 30 seconds a move as the time control.

Entries so far include IM Brodie McClymont, FM Gene Nakauchi, Himanshu Bhasin, Tony Dowden, Alexavier Ly-Liu, Kanishka Premathilaka, Jayden Ooi, Brian Thomas, Ronald Bourke, Martin Post, Tony Weller, Ben Leong, Joel Leong, Aurel-John Buciu, Micah Young, Mark C Stokes, Zerui Xing, Jai Turner, Don Hamilton, Jeeva Praveen, Lachlan Wang, Ryan Liaw, Adeepa Keerthiratne, Adheesha Suraweera, Kingston Wang, Ian Li, Suvan Nag, Daniel Woodrow, Elizabeth Williams, Anson Qu, Zeqi Xing, Ben Patch, Kotaro Inukai, Rentaro Inukai, Harrison Qu, Vassilis Kontogiorgos, Aloke Shirolkar, Anthony Milner, Noah Taylor, Annalise Taylor and Valery Yafremau.

Early bird entry of $90 closes on Friday April 16 but it would be wise to enter earlier than this to make sure of your spot in this 100 player maximum event. Get full details above or off the CAQ Website under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au

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