Results from RCC Summer Swiss 2021

Here are the R6 results from the 2021 Summer Swiss:

Lachlan Wang 0 Tom Maguire 1
Aiden Brady 1 Mark C Stokes 0
Kingston Wang 0.5 Tony Weller 0.5
Max Phillips 0 Allan Fossey 1
Austin Hamilton 0 Jai Turner 1
Jeeva Praveen 0 Adheesha Suraweera 1
Martin Post 1 Rex Scarf 0
Tony McRoberts 1 Simon Levy 0
Nikola Maljkovic 0.5 Christopher Basaico 0.5
Oliver Au 0 Owen Shen 1
Aloke Shirolkar 1 Isaac Barrett 0
Braeden Levy 1 Ben Jennings 0
Dave Marks 0 Martin Molina 1
Oliver Hornigold 0 Nathan Hopkins 1
Brooklyn Williams 1 Jayden Williams 0

Final Scores: =1st Aiden Brady and Tom Maguire 5/6, =3rd Tony Weller and Allan Fossey 4.5,
=5th Lachlan Wang, Kingston Wang, Mark C Stokes, Jai Turner and Adheesha Suraweera 4,
=10th Martin Post and Tony McRoberts 3.5, =12th Austin Hamilton, Victor Davidovici, Max Phillips,
Aloke Shirolkar, Owen Shen 3, =17th Simon Levy, Jeeva Praveen, Christopher Basaico, Rex Scarf, Nikola Maljkovic,
Braeden Levy 2.5, =23rd Max Kershaw, Oliver Au, Martin Molina, Brian Thomas, Ethan Chen, Nathan Hopkins 2,
=29th Craig Castelli, Isaac Barrett, Ben Jennings 1.5, =32nd Colin Dougherty, Brooklyn Williams, Dave Marks 1,
35th Russell Nurser 0.5, =36th Oliver Hornigold and Jayden Williams 0.

A new 6 round Swiss, The Tal Memorial, starts next Wednesday night March 3 at 8pm. All players are reminded to make a direct deposit for this tournament into the Redcliffe Chess Club Westpac Account BSB 734208
Account Number 070051 and use your name as the reference. Seniors need to deposit $20 and Juniors $6.

A hearty congratulations to both Aiden Brady and Tom Maguire for sharing first place in the Summer Swiss!

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