Rd.5 Champs. results – Jeeva beats Tony W!

Here are the r5 results from the Club Champs, with 4 new names on the list of players- Aiden Brady, Iago Roche-Maxwell (this week only), Connor Geissmann and Kere Tito.

Tom Maguire 1 v Brian Thomas 0
Jai Turner 0 v Tony Truscott 1
Tony Weller 0 v Jeeva Praveen 1
Filip Simic 0 v Allan Fossey 1
Victor Davidovici 0 v Mark C Stokes 1
Rex Scarf 0 v Aiden Brady 1
Elizabeth Williams 0 v Max Kershaw 1
Tony Waraich 0 v Iago Roche-Maxwell 1
Tony McRoberts 0 v Max Phillips 1
Connor Geissmann 1 v Simon Levy 0
Kere Tito 0 v Nathan Hopkins 1
Braeden Levy 1 v Chris Basiaco 0

The rest of the field took byes – many were Juniors playing in the Qld Junior Championships till Friday.
You can view the U12 and U14-U18 games live from 10am on https://livechess.aunz.net thanks to David Esmonde from Aunix.

The CAQ AGM is on this Sunday December 13 in the V Block of Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Street, Rothwell.Everyone is invited to attend the CAQ AGM.

At 1:30pm this Sunday December 13, registration for the 2020 CAQ Blitz Chess Championships open.
R1 should start about 2pm. 11 rounds.
3minutes each plus 2 seconds a move. Fun chess for just $20. See you at the Blitz Chess Championship!

Regards Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 32056042

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