Final results of RCC Championships 2020

Players who played all or most rounds of the Club Championship finished in this position:

New Club Champion for 2020 is Tom Maguire

1st TOM MAGUIRE (2223) 6.5/7 Tom won by a 1.5 point margin!!

New Junior Club Champion for 2020 is Jeeva Praveen with 5/7!

=2ND TONY WELLER (1525) and JEEVA PRAVEEN (1076) both on 5/7,
=4th TONY TRUSCOTT (1938) and ALLAN FOSSEY (1692) both on 4.5/7,
=6th BRIAN THOMAS (1867), JAI TURNER (1398) and MAX KERSHAW (1324) all on 4 points,
=9th FILIP SIMIC (1408) , MARK C STOKES (1508)and MAX PHILLIPS (857), all on 3.5 points,
=12th VICTOR DAVIDOVICI (1360) , ELIZABETH WILLIAMS (761) and KINGSTON WANG (1032) all on 3 points,
=15th NIKOLA MALJKOVIC (843), TONY MCROBERTS (1164), OLIVER AU and TONY WARAICH all on 2.5 points,
=19th CHRIS BASIACO (unrated), NATHAN HOPKINS (494),
LACHLAN WANG (1161) and REX SCARF (1138) SIMON LEVY (unrated) and BRAEDEN LEVY (unrated) all on 2.

Truscott and Thomas drew their R7 game.

Some players did not play enough games to qualify for trophies eg Aiden Brady 1748 played 3 rounds, R5,R6 and R7 for 3/3!, Martin Post 1743 played 2 games, R6 and R7, for 1/2, Iago Roche-Maxwell 1228 played 2 games, R5 and R6, for 1/2, Connor Geissmann played 2 games, R5 and R6, for 2/2, Martin Polina played just R7 for 0/1, Ometh Perea only played R1 for 0/1, Craig Castelli only played R1 for 0/1, Ethan Chen only played R1 and R2 for 0/2, Kere Tito only played R5 for 0/1, Rob Joyce only played R3 for 0/1, Owen Shen only played R1 and R2 for 0/2, Cameron de Vere played 0 games and Kosta Simic played 0 games. I have left all these players out of the table below.

Cheers Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 3205 6042

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