CAQ Inc. AGM 2020 + QLD BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP – 3mins plus 2secs per move

The Chess Association of Queensland presents THE 2020 QLD BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP.

DATE: Sunday December 13. Be there at 1:30pm.

VENUE: V Block of Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan St, Rothwell.

TIME CONTROL: 3 minutes each plus 2 seconds a move from the start. 11 rounds.

REGISTRATION: Register by paying $20 entry fee at venue at 1:30pm. Round 1 is scheduled to start at 2pm.

ARBITER: IA Michael D’Arcy

PRIZES: 1st: $250 plus trophy 2nd: $150 3rd: $100 2 Rating Groups with $60 first for each. Plus Cadet trophies for Under 12 years of age. Prizes are guaranteed by CAQ.

ENTRY FEE: $20 cash payable on the day.

ENTRIES: If you are planning on playing, please email Mark at your name and other details in advance so the tournament files can be set-up to save time on the day.

ENQUIRIES: Text Mark on 0431 419 136

FLYER: Print your own flyer for the 2020 CAQ Blitz Chess Championship on Sunday December 13 off the CAQ Website under Coming Events:

PS The CAQ AGM is on at 10am so come to that too if you wish!

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