RCC v Club Bullwinkle – Players needed!

Dear All
See below how to join in the Redcliffe v Bullwinkle Match this Saturday night on lichess.

So far Redcliffe has the following players – Tom Maguire, Lachlan Wang, Allan Fossey, Jeeva Praveen, Filip Simic and Oliver Au.

We need a few more players to sign up on Wednesday night at the Club for this match.
Don’t forget to check the Redcliffe Chess Club Website and CAq Website for some upcoming events too!

Regards Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 3205 6042

Jacob and I have set up the match against Bullwinkle for Saturday 5th December at 8:00PM, with a time control of 7+5. We need ten players each, and here are the steps to join for those ten players:

1) Create a lichess account at https://lichess.org/signup
2) Request to join the Redcliffe Chess Club on lichess at https://lichess.org/team/redcliffe-chess-club
3) Go to this link and press “Join” and then “Redcliffe Chess Club”: https://lichess.org/tournament/aMED5Icy

Games will begin automatically and it will be in the Arena format, which is when your next game starts immediately after the current one is finished and you play whoever is available. The team with the most points wins.


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