RCC Champs. Rd 3 results and CAQ AGM + Blitz Champs. 2020

Here are the R3 Club Championship results:

Tony Weller 0 v 1 Tony Truscott
Mark C Stokes 0.5 v Allan Fossey 0.5
Tom Maguire 1 v Oliver Au 0
Victor Davidovici 0 v Brian Thomas 1
Filip Simic 0.5 v Jai Turner 0.5
Max Kershaw 1 v Rex Scarf 0
Kingston Wang 1 v Tony McRoberts 0
Lachlan Wang 0 v Jeeva Praveen 1
Tony Waraich 1 v Simon Levy 0
Braeden Levy 0 v Nathan Hopkins 1
Byes were given to the other players in the field.

In R4, Tony Truscott, the only player on 3/3, is likely to play Tom Maguire, on 2.5/3, on board 1.

A number of Redcliffe players are playing in the Marcus Porter Memorial, which concludes this Friday night. After 4 rounds, sometimes Redcliffe Chess Club player Aiden Brady is equal first with Tom Slater-Jones, both on 4/4. Sometimes Redcliffe player Tyson Walker caused the biggest upset on the first night by defeating GM David Smerdon in R3! He put his win up on Facebook. Jeeva Praveen, rated just 1126, drew with Tom Maguire, rated 2223 and Jeeva also won against Bullwinkle’s Jacob Edwards, rated 2020! Jeeva is on 2.5/4. Oliver Au, rated 982, defeated FM Nik Stawski, rated 1915, in R3! Oliver is on 2/4 as is Mark C Stokes. Elizabeth Williams is on 1 and Lachlan Wang and Kingston Wang join in this Friday night with some half point byes. Other Redcliffe players are also invited to join in this Friday night

The 2020 CAQ Blitz Chess Championship ( 3 minutes each plus 2 seconds a move ) is being held on Sunday December 13 in the V Block of Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Street, Rothwell with registration of $20 payable at 1:30pm. R1 is due to start at 2pm. 11 rounds will be played. Trophies and cash p[rizes are up for grabs. Perhaps our players will do really well, with the homeground advantage! Full details are on the CAQ Website: www.caq.org.au

Everyone is also invited to attend the 2020 CAQ AGM at 10am , also in the V Block of Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Street, Rothwell.
Chess Association of Queensland – CAQ is the chess body for Queensland, Australia.
Starts: November 7, 2020 Ends: November 8, 2020 Location: St Joseph’s Primary School Bracken Ridge, 30 Eldorado St, Bracken Ridge QLD 4017, Australia Description: Confirmed!

Remember the Redcliffe Chess Club AGM is on Wednesday night Dec 23 at 7:45pm. R7 of the 2020 Redcliffe Chess Club Championship will now be played on Wednesday Dec 23 too, starting at 8:15pm. Free pizzas will be available at the AGM!

A number of Redcliffe Chess Club players are playing an online match against Bullwinkle Chess Club this coming Saturday night , December 6, between 8pm and 10 pm, on LiChess, in an Arena Format, where you play lots of 7 minutes each plus 5 seconds a move games. Tom Maguire, Lachlan Wang, Allan Fossey, Jeeva Praveen, Filip Simic and Oliver Au have already signed up. We will get more players to join in this week at the Club.

Tp play in the match, you need to follow these steps:

Create a lichess account at https://lichess.org/signup
Request to join the Redcliffe Chess Club on lichess at https://lichess.org/team/redcliffe-chess-club
Go to this link and press “Join” and then “Redcliffe Chess Club”: https://lichess.org/tournament/aMED51cy
Games will begin automatically and you will play quite a few games between 8pm and 10pm at 7 minutes each plus 5 seconds a move. The team with the most points wins. If you have trouble joining, ring or text Tom Maguire on 0466 271 737

Cheers Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 3205 6042

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