Mike Dyer Memorial – Tom leads after Rd2. on 2/2

Scores after 2 rounds of Mike Dyer Memorial ( 17 mins each + 3 secs a move from move 1 )

Tom Maguire 2/2 is 1st, Brian Thomas, Jeeva Praveen, Kingston Wang, Mark C Stokes, Filip Simic, Victor Davidovici are all =2nd on 1.5/2, all =8th on 1/2 are Lachlan Wang, Tony Weller, Nikola Maljkovic, Ethan Chen, Max Kershaw, Cameron De Vere, Tony McRoberts, Kosta Simic, and Allan Fossey, then =17th on 0/2 are Ometh Perera, Nathan Hoplins, Tony G Waraich and Jai Turner.

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