CAQ Inc. Wiki – The history of the CAQ – all in one spreadsheet!

The must read document of the year! An ongoing project to put all known data regarding the history of the CAQ onto one spreadsheet. Hopefully other states will follow so that their valuable information is available for historians.
Go to:
CAQ Inc. website
Go to “About Us”
Go to “CAQ Wiki” and download everything (may need to take it bit by bit) into your home Excel file.
Add a “split” at B2 and you will then be able to see categories on the vertical and years on the horizontal.
Go to the bottom and go to sheet 2, 3 etc to see different sections. For instance if you are wondering about the demographic make-up of the CAQ in the 90s, check out the membership sheet. Also female participation is on the last sheet. This has dropped by about 15% since the 90s!
Contact me with any questions or bits of missing info.

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