AGM of RCC Wed. 23rd Dec. 2020 + Free pizza!

Here is your chance to help make Redcliffe Chess Club one of the most dynamic clubs in Australia.
We need people and ideas.
People to help with all sorts of tasks such as equipment management, minutes taking, correspondence handling etc.
Ideas to help the club grow. How much should nightly fees be? Can we complete our 2021 calendar at the AGM?
If people submit their ideas beforehand we should be able to thrash out the final details on the night.
We can post ideas on this website or discuss them at the club on Wed. nights.

Idea Number One.

Six Pack Events held over 5 Wednesday nights. Round Robin.

The field divides into divisions of 6 players each.
Six top rated players in the Open Division.
Next six rated players in Second division etc.
Relegation up or down at the end of each Six Pack.
Everybody is fighting to move up a division, or at least avoid relegation to a lower division.
The entire draw for the next 5 weeks is done on the first night – being a round-robin.
If someone cannot make it on the night, they can arrange to play their game at another time.
A strong guest player is paid to play each Open Division Six Pack. Someone who will give Tom really hard games.
$100 1st prize in the top section. I will underwrite the 1st event for up to $100 in the event it loses money.
From my experience in the past, this format will make money for the club and attract more strong players.
Round-robins attract strong players. They know there are very few easy games.
Send your ideas on this or any other ideas for next years format to – and i will post them.

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