We are back at GRACE LUTHERAN COLLEGE see front page for directions

The website has been down for a few days due to my learning curve regarding the software.
To get to the Redcliffe Chess Club, you have to go to Grace Lutheran College F Block, Rothwell via Buchannon Rd and look for the Swimming Pool. Look for F Block. Don’t try to access from Anzac Ave. Go to Buchannon Rd and go into the school from the back way. We are back there next Wednesday night 26th August at about 7.30pm.

By now you have gone through the games from round 2 of the August event posted by Tyson. Thanks again for that.
Not sure of all the results from Round 2. One scoresheet had no names. Possible leading scores are as follow:
2.0 Tom Maguire, Allan Fossey and Tony Weller. 1.5 Victor Davidovici 1.0 Mark C Stokes, Nathan, Lachlan and Jai.

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