Round 5 results July, 2020 tournament.

Round 5 was completed on Wednesday 29th July, 2020 were 18 players were in attendance. Results on the night were:

Board No.         White                                                             Black.

  1.                   Tom Maguire                   1    vs           Lachlan Wang                  0.
  2.                   Jai Turner                         1    vs           Filip Simic                        0.
  3.                   Allan Fossey                     0    vs           Tony Weller                     1.
  4.                   Mark Stokes                     1     vs           PJ Bargo                           0.              See game below. Another interesting game by the President.
  5.                   Tony McRoberts            1/2  vs           Jeeva Praveen               1/2.
  6.                    Kingston Wang               1     vs           Rex Scarf                           0.
  7.                   Michael Van Pelt             1     vs           Victor Davidovici             0.
  8.                   Ethan Chan                      0     vs            Kosta Simic                      1.
  9.                   Nathan Hopkins              0     vs           Nikola Maljikovic            1.

The final round will be held on Wednesday 5th August, 2020 where Tom Maguire (with a picket fence so far) on board 1 should be up against the club’s most wiliest player in Tony Weller. Board 2 may see the clash of the generations with club President Mark up against the ever improving junior in Jai Turner. Jai’s play has advanced significantly over the past few months and he will be a hot favourite to give Mark a chess lesson in the of attacking without fear. Board 3 may see the clash of the juniors in Filip Simic and Lachlan Wang. Both of these juniors should be prominent in the Queensland junior chess scene for many years to come and the club has strong hopes that they will become regular players in this State’s premier tournament scene (once we get back to normality).

The following is an interesting game between Mark Stokes and PJ Bargo. PJ has been a strong club player for many years and has a tendency to try new and often obscure openings – sometimes with good results, but regrettably not this time.

29/7/2020    White: Mark Stokes          Black: PJ Bargo.

  1. d4          d6
  2. f4            Bg4
  3. Nd2        c5
  4. h3           Bd7
  5. Ngf3       cxd4
  6. Nxd4      Nc6
  7. Ndf3       Nxd4
  8. Qxd4      Qa5+
  9. Bd2         Qc5
  10. Qxc5       dxc5
  11. Ne5         Bf5
  12. e4!          Bd7    Whites move causes considerable problems for black, no matter what response is made.
  13. 0-0-0     Rd8?
  14. Nxd7      Rxd7
  15. Bb5        1-0      White won the exchange and black eventually resigned on move 23.

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