RCC August Open – Round 3 top boards?

I think there are 3 people leading on 2/2 and Victor Davidovici on 1.5
My Guess is that Tom will play Allan on board 1 and Tony will play Victor if there is only one person on 1.5.

Today’s blasts from the past, some of many we hope to share with you in the future.
Did you know that Colin Morris, who has played in many RCC events once beat former World Champion Mikhail Tal in a simul!
Did you know that club regular Tony Weller almost drew with GM Tony Miles when he played in the Peninsula Open many years ago. We are trying to get hold of that scoresheet. I think it ends with a very interesting rook and pawn endgame.

The Scene – Dunhill Tournament Sydney, 1982.
The Players – Pat Halpin from Sydney and a Brisbane chess player.
The Question, after a desperate time scramble –
“How many moves have you made Pat?” Trying to find out if 40 moves had been reached.
The Answer, after a long, long pause, and ever so slight raising of the left eyebrow –

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