News from our President, Mark Stokes

Hi All
We had 18 players for the last round of the July Open, including visitor Tyson Walker. Byes for the last round were taken by Filip Simic, Kosta Simic, Colin Dougherty and Ethan Chen. Tyson played Tom on board 1 and you must play over this exciting game! It is already up on the Redcliffe Chess Club Website! Thank you Tyson for doing this.

Here are the results:

Tyson Walker 0 v Tom Maguire 1
Tony Weller 0.5 v Jai Turner 0.5
Mark C Stokes 0 v Allan Fossey 1
Lachlan Wang 0.5 v Michael Van Pelt 0.5
Tony McRoberts 0.5 v Kingston Wang 0.5
Victor Davidovici 1 v Cameron De Vere 0
Jeeva Praveen 0 v Rex Scarf 1
Nikola Maljkovich 1 v PJ Bargo 0
Craig Castelli 1 v Nathan Hopkins 0

Congratulations to Tom for winning the July Open with 6/6! Jai Turner put in a fantastic performance to finish outright 2nd with 4.5/6 – well done Jai! Tony Weller took outright 3rd place with 4/6. Then came a host of players on 3.5/6: Lachlan Wang, Allan Fossey, Mark C Stokes and Kinston Wang. On 3 out of 6 were Tony McRoberts, Filip Simic, Victor Davidovici, Nikola Maljkovich and Michael Van Pelt. Three players scored 2.5/6: Jeeva Praveen, Rex Scarf and Kosta Simic. Three players also came in next with 2/6: Cameron De Vere, PJ Bargo and Craig Castelli. Etan Chen scored 1.5/6 and Nathan Hopkins and Colin Dougherty finished on 0.5.

See you all next Wednesday night for our next 6 round Swiss, the August Open, which will be both ACF and QJ rated as usual. Players will be asked to Direct Deposit the Redcliffe Chess Club’s Westpac Account BSB 734208
Account Number 070051 with their entry fee of $18 for Adults and $6 for Juniors. Kerry Corker would like you to take a photo of your scoresheet and forward it to him : so Club games can be placed on our Redcliffe Chess Club Website.

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