Round 1 of the July, 2020 tournament.

Round 1 was held  on Wednesday 1st July, 2020 and everyone attending was pleased to have weekly chess back on the calendar.

18 players attended on the night, with a new junior player Jeeva Praveen arriving to scare the more seasoned players.

Results included:

.Tom Maguire     1      vs       Tony Mcroberts      0

.PJ Bargo (1059) 1      vs       Michael Van Pelt (1919)  0. A great result for the talented PJ and it is hoped he can continue with this excellent form.

.Allan Fossey        1      vs       Lachlan Wang         0.

.Kinston Wang     0      vs       Cameron DeVere   1.

.Tony Weller (1515) drew with Jeeva Praveen (773). A great result for this very promising junior as Tony is one of the club’s strongest player.

.Colin Dougherty lost to Mark Stokes. Mark gifted his Queen to Colin on move 10 but still persevered to win in the end. Obviously Colin took pity on the recently retired Mark!.

.Filip Simic defeated Ethan Chan. Jai Turner defeated Nathan Hopkins and finally Rex Scarf overcame the resourceful Kosta Simic.

Round 2 on Wednesday night 8th July, 2020.


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