Club closes for coronavirus threat.

The club was regrettably closed from March, 2020 until early July, 2020 in accordance with the Queensland Government’s legislative requirements. The club is very supportive of the government’s directives in order to address this serious pandemic threat to not just the Queensland and Australian population, but everyone worldwide.

However, in order to maintain membership connect-ability the club moved to run online chess tournaments during this three month period. These tournaments were held on Wednesday nights and were based on six rounds, each player having ten minutes plus an increment of three seconds per move. These tournaments were run through and the club was very fortunate in having Tom Maguire being the coordinator. Club President, Mark Stokes, extended the club’s sincere appreciation to Tom in undertaking this role.

Club members also participated in weekly online tournaments conducted by Dusan Stojic of the Gold Coast chess club.

President Mark Stokes stated that…..”the Queensland chess scene is indeed fortunate in having many talented individuals who used their skills in digitally connecting players with regular online tournaments, coaching and personal connections”. Such initiatives does those individuals who took up this pandemic challenge great credit.

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