2019 Redcliffe Chess Club Blitz Tournament.

The 2019 Club’s blitz tournament was held on Wednesday 11th September, 2019.

16 players contested this 11 round event, played at a rate of 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. 88 games were fiercely contested with no quarter given, nor any prisoners taken. There were only 3 draws in the tournament!!! It was a melee of speed chess at its finest – remarkably not one illegal move in the tournament but plenty of unintended blunders.

Tournament winners were:

1st on 11 points – a picket fence result for Tom Maguire. A remarkable result as Tom was never at risk in any of his games as he competently outplayed everyone.

2nd on 9 points was Aiden Brady. Aiden is having a very successful chess year. His results in statewide tournaments¬† has seen his rating improve by 100’s of rating points. Aiden is now one of those seasoned weekend participants who has the ability to upset any of the established, higher rated players.

=3rd on 7 1/2 were Tony Weller; Andrew Van Der Meer and Craig Stewart.

Best U1500 and best junior was Filip Simic.

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