The 54th Peninsula Open Chess Tournament.

The 54th consecutive Peninsula open chess tournament was held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June, 2019 in the Grace Lutheran College school at Rothwell.

The tournament was sponsored by the Redcliffe Chess Club and professionally supported by AuNix Internet who ensured that the top 8 boards were supplied with DGT on line coverage and those games can be sourced at

The tournament was conducted over 6 rounds, with a time control of 60 minutes plus an increment of 20 seconds per move. There were 61 players in attendance, with a strong junior contingent (especially from the Gold Coast) as well as 2 IMs Stephen Solomon (top seed) and Brodie McClymont. The tournament was conducted in a very friendly, but extremely competitive manner with long and complex games being the order of the day. There were many games exceeding 75 plus moves and the endgame technique of many of the juniors displayed a maturity beyond their age, which is a great credit to them and their coaches.

For the statistically minded, of the 168 games played, white won 83, black 68 and only 17 draws were recorded.

There are 2 games of considerable interest – Eason Wang’s (11 years old) draw against IM Stephen Solomon. The game went for 115 moves and Eason played an extremely complex endgame in fine style to secure the draw. The other is Craig Stewart’s game against IM Brodie McClymont – a Grob!!! An extremely tactical game (and one for the Grob aficionados) that tested the skillls of the IM, who during his presentation speech stated that this was his most testing game of the tournament.

The tournament had $2,550 in cash prizes up for grabs, and in a close finish in all rating groups the winners were:

Open: =1st were IM Brodie McClymont and Aiden Brady both on 5 1/2 points out of 6. Aiden had a remarkable tournament playing well above his rating. Hopefully, this break through result will auger well for his continued improvement as an emerging player to watch on the local chess scene.

=3rd were IM Stephen Solomon; David Lovejoy and Majid Jabur all on 5 points. Majid has had a long absence from competitive chess and we hope to see more of him in upcoming tournaments.

Group A winners were Eason Wang; Mark Stokes; Khush Patel; Craig Stewart and Oliver Yang.

Group B winner was Diego Aldana.

Group C Raphael Atia.

Group D Shub Patel and Masaki Williams.

Group E Sophia Sophia Ahern.

The unrated prize was shared between Aadi Rai and Steven Gatt.

Final standings were:

Place   Name                                Rating   Points  
 1-2  McClymont, Brodie           QLD       2368     5.5      
      Brady, Aiden                QLD     1387      5.5     
 3-5  Solomon, Stephen J          QLD       2374 5        
      Jabur, Majid                QLD      U/R      5        
      Lovejoy, David              QLD      1739     5        
 6-7  Maguire, Tom                QLD       2206      4.5     
      Nothdurft, John D           VIC       1719    4.5      
8-15  Yang, Oliver                QLD         1440    4        
      Wang, Eason                 QLD       1344    4        
      Patel, Khush                QLD       1333    4        
      Weller, Tony                QLD       1593    4        
      Stewart, Craig A            QLD       1425    4        
      Stokes, Mark C              QLD       1454    4        
      Atia, Raphael               QLD       955     4       
      Aldana, Diego               QLD       1285    4        
16-23 Morris, Byron               QLD         1742    3.5      
      Ooi, Jayden                 QLD       1576    3.5     
      Fossey, Allan               QLD       1697    3.5     
      Atia, Ben                   QLD       1308    3.5      
      Dewadasa, Imira             QLD       1167    3.5      
      Mercado, Rover-Leigh        QLD       1334    3.5      
      Li, Jason                   QLD       1177    3.5      
      Van Der Byl, Orsen          QLD       1237    3.5      
24-37 Ming, Kenny                 QLD         1178    3        
      Warta, George               QLD       1359    3        
      Ahern, Sophia               QLD       643     3        
      Kodituwakku, Dulin Nethsuka QLD       1033    3        
      Cooper, Joshua              QLD       946     3        
      Bargo, Peter-John           QLD       1031    3        
      Patel, Shubh                QLD       729     3        
      Xing, Zerui                 QLD       1072    3        
      Lo, Micah                   QLD       891     3         
      Williams, Masaki            QLD       835     3        
      Rai, Aadi                             U/R     3         
      Lam, Colin                  QLD       880     3         
      Gatt, Steven                          U/R     3         
      Patel, Himanshu             QLD       968     3         
38-42 Sudhahar, Mittun             NSW       1478     2.5     
      Yeung, Jennifer             QLD       799     2.5      
      Suraweera, Adheesha         QLD       953     2.5      
      Paliwoda, John              QLD       1310    2.5       
      Yang, Melody                QLD       650     2.5       
43-53 Turner, Jai                   QLD       699     2        
      Young, Micah                QLD       753     2        
      Martinuzzi, Luca            QLD       551     2        
      Martinuzzi, Sebastian       QLD       U/R     2        
      Hoens, Scott                QLD       686     2        
      Perera, Ometh               QLD       386     2        
      Carter, Martin              QLD       835     2        
      Rogers, Jim                 QLD       651     2        
      Hamilton, Don               QLD       1309    2        
      Allen, Kris                 QLD       792     2         
      Williams, Elizabeth         QLD       713     2         
54-55 Qu, Anson                     QLD       846     1.5      
      Polkinghorne, Ethan         QLD       357     1.5      
56-59 Martinuzzi, Kal               QLD       291     1        
      Hartley, Lachlan                      U/R     1        
      Long, Bobby                 QLD        U/R    1         
      Janof, Ali                             U/R    1        
 60   Mercado, Eowyn              QLD          574    0.5       
 61   Lovli, Werner               QLD           432   0    

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