2019 Wendy Terry Memorial tournament held on 16th and 17th April, 2019.

2019 Wendy Terry Memorial Tournament.

This 2019 tournament was held on 6th and 7th April, 2019 at Rothwell, Queensland. There were six rounds with a prize pool totalling $2,000.00.

The event was organised by the Queensland Women’s Chess League (Gail Young – coordinator) with the main sponsors being BBC Painting and the Redcliffe Chess Club.

This tournament is an annual highlight in the Queensland Chess scene which recognises the significant contribution made by a remarkable woman who was a chess coach; administrator and player despite her long term health challenges. Organisers were pleased with the roll up

There were 62 players in attendance, with two IM’s (Solomon and McClymont) and a strong contingent of juniors anxious to take on the old guard. For the statistically minded, the average rating was 1147 (highest 2383 and lowest of 287) and of the 149 games played white won 67, black 69 and only 13 were drawn – fighting chess was the order of the tournament!!

The event was conducted in a friendly atmosphere with several players treating this as a training prelude to the 2019 Doeberl Cup.

It was an exciting last round with four players sharing the lead on 4.5/5 and only one of those players won – Tony Zhong who defeated Igor Paevskiy in a close, hard fought game. Stephen Solomon and Brodie McClymont drew in another fascinating battle. 

So, to the winners:

1st: Tony Zhong on 5.5/6.

=2nd Stephen Solomon, Brodie McClymont, Ben Peach and Charith Silva on 5/6.

Rating Group A was won outright by Jason Chan with 5/6.

Rating Group B was shared between no less than 9 players – Eason Wang, Kenny Ming, Diega Aldana, Jasper Moss, Peter Bender, Jonathan Jones, Allan Li, Phillip Mulholland and William Ilka, all with 3/6. 

Rating Group C was won outright by Shafiuddin Aanan.

Rating Group D was shared between 4 players – Benjamin Leong, Mica Young, Kris Allen and Sophia Ahern.

The best unrated prize of a chess book went to Steven Gatt from NSW.

The complete cross table is as follows:

No Name Feder Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

1  Zhong, Tony (Junhao)        QLD   2019 5.5   36:W 33:W  9:W  3:D 11:W  7:W
2  McClymont, Brodie           QLD   2374 5     37:W  8:W  4:W 11:W  7:D  3:D
3  Solomon, Stephen J          QLD   2383 5     48:W  6:W 23:W  1:D 10:W  2:D
4  Peach, Ben                  QLD   1610 5     19:W 39:W  2:L 22:W 12:W 13:W
5  Silva, K W C U              OS    1848 5      0:D  0:D 39:W 20:W 16:W  9:W
6  Chan, Jason                 QLD   1374 5     50:W  3:L 40:W 46:W 15:W 20:W
7  Paevskiy, Igor              QLD   1824 4.5   53:W 31:W 12:W 10:W  2:D  1:L
8  Tennakoon, Nadula           QLD   1352 4.5   59:W  2:L 24:D 26:W 38:W 23:W
9  Lo, Jonathan                QLD   1432 4     41:W 18:W  1:L 34:W 23:W  5:L
10 Nakauchi, Gene              QLD   2295 4     58:W 22:W 14:W  7:L  3:L 33:W
11 Mather, Andrew              QLD   1849 4     49:W 27:W 25:W  2:L  1:L 22:W
12 Ly-Liu, Alexavier           QLD   1391 4     61:W 24:W  7:L 29:W  4:L 30:W
13 Nothdurft, John D           VIC   1742 4     32:W 25:L 48:W 38:W 14:W  4:L
14 Ooi, Jayden                 QLD   1502 4     46:W 40:W 10:L 31:W 13:L 34:W
15 Salahuddin, Mohammad        QLD   1547 4     26:D 30:W 29:D 27:W  6:L 31:W
16 Stokes, Mark C              QLD   1460 4     24:L 41:W 32:W 25:W  5:L 35:W
17 Brady, Aiden                QLD   1366 4      0:D 26:W 38:L 24:W 28:D 32:W
18 Gatt, Steven                NSW        4     35:W  9:L 27:L 58:W 29:W 28:W
19 Aanan, Shafiuddin           QLD   802  4      4:L 56:W 22:L 48:W 25:W 42:W
20 Weller, Tony                QLD   1628 3.5   38:D 47:W 28:W  5:L 21:W  6:L
21 Van Der Byl, Orsen          QLD   1239 3.5   47:L 61:D 59:W 42:W 20:L 38:W
22 Wang, Eason                 QLD   1215 3     62:W 10:L 19:W  4:L 36:W 11:L
23 Esmaili, Ali                QLD   1689 3     55:W 34:W  3:L 33:W  9:L  8:L
24 Cooper, Joshua              QLD   721  3     16:W 12:L  8:D 17:L 45:W 39:D
25 Ming, Kenny                 QLD   1117 3     52:W 13:W 11:L 16:L 19:L 55:W
26 Lo, Micah                   QLD   740  3     15:D 17:L 45:W  8:L 47:W 37:D
27 Aldana, Diego               QLD   1191 3     45:W 11:L 18:W 15:L 30:L 49:W
28 Macleod, Keith              QLD   1349 3     57:D 43:W 20:L 37:W 17:D 18:L
29 Moss, Jasper                QLD   1079 3      0:D 57:W 15:D 12:L 18:L 46:W
30 Barnard, Ross               QLD   877  3      0:D 15:L 57:W  0:D 27:W 12:L
31 Bender, Peter G             QLD   1126 3     44:W  7:L 51:W 14:L 53:W 15:L
32 Suraweera, Adheesha         QLD   853  3     13:L 52:W 16:L 54:W 39:W 17:L
33 Jones, Jonathan             QLD   1204 3     51:W  1:L 47:W 23:L 40:W 10:L
34 Li, Allan                   QLD   1113 3     60:W 23:L 44:W  9:L 46:W 14:L
35 Mulholland, Philip          QLD   1096 3     18:L 50:W 46:L 43:W 41:W 16:L
36 Xing, Zerui                 QLD   905  3      1:L 51:L 50:W 44:W 22:L 53:W
37 Ilka, William               QLD   907  3      2:L 59:D 61:W 28:L 57:W 26:D
38 Chen, Austin                QLD   809  2.5   20:D 42:W 17:W 13:L  8:L 21:L
39 Watkins, Bridgette          QLD   1010 2.5   56:W  4:L  5:L 51:W 32:L 24:D
40 Kodituwakku, Dulin Nethsuka QLD   1008 2.5   54:W 14:L  6:L 55:W 33:L 41:D
41 Leong, Benjamin             QLD   718  2.5    9:L 16:L 52:W 49:W 35:L 40:D
42 Stewart, Craig A            QLD   1436 2.5    0:D 38:L 60:W 21:L 43:W 19:L
43 Young, Micah                QLD   702  2.5    0:D 28:L 58:W 35:L 42:L 51:W
44 Allen, Kris                 QLD   385  2.5   31:L 53:W 34:L 36:L 48:D 59:W
45 Ahern, Sophia               QLD   444  2.5   27:L 58:D 26:L 59:W 24:L 57:W
46 Qu, Anson                   QLD   729  2     14:L 54:W 35:W  6:L 34:L 29:L
47 Kho, Samuel                 QLD   593  2     21:W 20:L 33:L  0:D 26:L 48:D
48 Liu, Henry                  QLD   944  2      3:L 62:W 13:L 19:L 44:D 47:D
49 Relekar, Kanak              QLD   889  2     11:L  0:D  0:D 41:L 60:W 27:L
50 Luxton, Archie              QLD   662  2      6:L 35:L 36:L  0:D 58:W 52:D
51 Spence, Ian                 QLD   476  2     33:L 36:W 31:L 39:L 56:W 43:L
52 Kho, John                   QLD   287  2     25:L 32:L 41:L  0:D 61:W 50:D
53 Lam, Colin                  QLD   874  2      7:L 44:L 62:W 60:W 31:L 36:L
54 Wang, Kingston              QLD        2     40:L 46:L  0:W 32:L 55:L 61:W
55 Watkins, Rachel Jane        QLD   836  2     23:L 60:L 56:W 40:L 54:W 25:L
56 Wang, Lachlan               QLD        2     39:L 19:L 55:L 62:W 51:L 60:W
57 Williams, Elizabeth         QLD   627  1.5   28:D 29:L 30:L 61:W 37:L 45:L
58 Carter, Martin              QLD   905  1.5   10:L 45:D 43:L 18:L 50:L 62:W
59 Leong, Joel                 QLD   648  1      8:L 37:D 21:L 45:L 62:D 44:L
60 Bieber, Oliver                         1     34:L 55:W 42:L 53:L 49:L 56:L
61 Turner, Jai                 QLD   717  .5    12:L 21:D 37:L 57:L 52:L 54:L
62 Ly-Liu, Isaac               QLD   538  .5    22:L 48:L 53:L 56:L 59:D 58:L

A couple of interesting games from the winner were:

++++++insert two games here+++++

Organisers were sure that the late Wendy Terry would of been very pleased to see the ongoing and very active chess scene in Queensland; the number of, and especially, the talented juniors who are participating in formal tournaments and the quality of coaching that these juniors are receiving. All augers well for the continuation of this annual tournament. 

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